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In that site you will find different selected photographic links.
Links on Fashion Photographers, Advertising Photographers, Press Photographers, Photographic Schools,
Museum of Photography, Typography, Students in Photography, Photography Agency, Agents, Galleries...

That site exists in a french version at : http://www.photoliens.eu
Didier Arnould has selected all those addresses. Result of a long work of searching, that directory is always evolving and is trying to give an outline of the professional contemporary photography. At the beginning of that work was the Didier Arnould's desire of shearing his discoveries with his students, like a focus on the image world. Because of its success, that portal was opened to a larger public.

Update : 15/06/2018.

Links to Photography Directory

    Links Agents de Photographes

Agents of Photographers.

Publicité et Mode

Advertising Photographers A to J.
Advertising Photographers K to Z.

  Photographes de Reportage

Press Photographers.
Fashion Photographers.

Photographes d'Art

Fine Art Photography.

Histoire de la Photographie

History of Photography.
Portrait Photographers.


Festivals et Musées Photographiques

Photographic Festivals and Museums.

Galeries Photo

French Galleries , German Galleries, English Galleries, Spanish Galleries, Dutch Galleries, Swiss Galleries, American Galleries, Other Photographic Galleries.

Éditions Photographiques

Photography Edition.

  Agences Photographiques

Photography Agencies.

Laboratoires Photographiques

Photographic Laboratories. Digital Post-production.

Fournisseurs Photographie

Studio Renting - Production.
Providers, Equipments.

  Écoles de Photographie

Photographic Schools France, Switzerland...

Associations et Syndicats

Associations and Trade-union Organizations.

Annuaires, Portails

Photographic Directories, Magazines, Portals.


Others Techniques. Chemistry, techniques silver, optics, old and alternative processes.


Photoshop. Tutoriaux and Plugins, Course, Numerical Topicality.

Couleur et Colorimétrie

Color and Colorimetry in digital photography


Print, typographical history and families. Downloading character fonts.

Musées Art

Great world Museums of Art. To really visit or virtually visit.

Autres à voir

Discoveries to see, visit and appreciate.

All those sites were selected by Didier Arnould.
This photo directory is in perpetual evolution and is tring to give an outline of professional and artistic photography contemporary. A didactic input towards the universe of advertising, fashion, illustration, editorial, press, art and all the related trades without which a photographer would undoubtedly not exist.



  Partenaires Prise de vue

Professional Photographers Partners.

Partenaires Photographes Amateurs

Other Partners.


Didier Arnould

Photography Directory
Didier Arnould Photographer.

  Partenaires Prise de vue

Photographic Portals.


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French Photographic Forum.


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